Welcome to Eterna Health Food Store!

Vitamins and Supplements

If it’s a multivitamin, single vitamin A-Z, herbs, immune boosters, probiotics and cleanses that you are looking for, we have it. We carry brands names such as Soloray, Bluebonnet, Ester-C, just to name a few. We screen our products for quality and purity so that you can be confident that the supplements and vitamins you purchase from Eterna meet the highest of standards. We also offer consultations with our nutritionist and access to the store owners to answer any questions you may have. You also have the ability to request a product for us to order should we not carry what you are looking for.


Our select lines of essential oils insures that you will receive only the highest in quality of oils at Eterna. We know that essential oils have many uses from aroma therapy, soaps, bug repellant, air freshener and even ingested for medicinal purposes. We carry a variety of oils including cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, chamomile to name a few. If you make your own combinations we have dropper and spray bottles to mix and carry them in.


Looking for a healthy way to quench your thirst? Eterna Health Food has what you are looking for! Enjoy our delicious juices, sodas and our various waters that range from being rich in minerals with “Crazy Water” to refreshing your taste buds with our “Mint Water” that comes in several flavors. Our beverage selection is natural and serves your need to optimize your health. We carry beverages that include organic fruit and vegetable juices, to many flavors of natural soda sweetened with stevia, (natures gift of a sweetener)! Try our Special blend of organic coffee!

Body Care

Eterna carries a variety of lotions, body soaps, bath salts, shampoos and conditioners as well as sunscreens, skin care. Our product lines are designed to nourish the body through what nature can provide without all the harsh chemicals and dyes that you find elsewhere.

Cleaning Products

Our natural cleaners are eco-friendly, natural cleaners to keep your home fresh and sparkling clean. We have laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, dishwashing soap, dishwasher soap,floor cleaner and we are always adding new products to the list.

Frozen Foods

We offer , pizza, burritos, gluten free – chicken nuggets, tortillas, breads, muffins organic-free range meats such as Buffalo, Beef and Chicken. We even have dairy free and gluten-free ice cream. Try our delicious, tempting vegetarian frozen options, too. Have a request? Let us know!

Gluten Free

Eterna offers our gluten-free customers a variety of gluten-free breads, tortillas, muffins, ice cream, snacks, cake mixes, pancake mixes, cereal and the list goes on. We are here to serve those of you with special diets who are dealing with a variety of issues such as ADD, autism, celiac sprue disease, food allergies and other conditions that require special attention.

Consultation is a part of our everyday service so take advantage of our nutritionist to answer questions and do research for you.


Have food allergies? You can expect to find a great selection of Gluten Free alternative flours such as Amaranth, Almond and Tapioca. We also have a nice selection of pasta, grains, milks as well as organic selections to meet your dietary needs. Also on the menu for your shopping list: baking items, ethnic foods, vegetarian/vegan, soups, cereals, snacks, chips, juices, sodas, grains, baking mixes, oils, nut butters, jellies. If you happen to not find what you are looking for then let us know and we will work to get it in for you. We take great pride in our commitment to finding the products that you want and need.

Pet Nutrition

Don’t forget the furry family members! Take a look at our select section of natural pet foods both dry and canned.- All natural with no chemicals, no by-products, no artificial junk. Even our pets have to have their health looked after and we can help with vitamins and supplements for your pet. Let us help you keep your beloved pet healthy and playful for the years to come.

Protein Powders

Whether you are looking for a meal replacement, snack, supplement your workouts or to help with weight loss we have what you need. You will find a selection of protein powders in your favorite flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and the brands that you trust. We also carry ready to drink protein shakes!

Refrigerated Foods

Yogurt, Organic/Free range eggs, cheeses, Vegenaise and guilt free pasta with Tofu Shirataki noodles in our refrigerated section along with a host of other goodies for your refrigerator.

Unique Items

We take pleasure and pride in featuring local artists and their products. Eterna has some of the most beautiful hand crafted jewelry and ink pens that are perfect for a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. We also have candles, bath salts and hand made soaps that you won’t find other places.